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Jeremy Northam Daily

your daily dose of Jeremy Northam

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Welcome! jeremynortham is a pictures only lj community dedicated to the actor Jeremy Northam (as you might have guessed).

A few things ...
  • Please include a picture with every post.

  • Please don't hotlink images from other websites to jeremynortham. Upload any pictures to your own space and link from there. There are a number of free hosts out there, like Photobucket.

  • If posting large pictures (larger than 500 pixels across) or pictures not safe for work, please put them behind an lj-cut tag. Also, if you're posting more than one photo. It'll help with loading times and preserving people's layouts.

  • No spamming. If you want to advertise a community and it's related to Jeremy Northam, that's fine so long as you include a picture of Jeremy Northam. Unrelated community adverts and adverts with no picture will be deleted.

  • Please be nice! :D

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